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More ways to give.

Paymentus proudly supports churches and non-profit organizations in their efforts to expand their outreach via the generosity of their community. Donors eager to give are not always carrying cash or their checkbook – our platform allows them to donate anytime, anywhere using the payment channel of their choice.

ACCEPT ONLINE DONATIONS — Allow donors to make generous contributions without visiting your location! Donors can make a one-time offering or set up recurring donations at the interval and value of their choice.

MOBILE GIVING — Engage your active mobile congregation for new contributions. The mobile-friendly donation experience is available on all-web enabled devices, in addition to text message donations – our most efficient option!

PROGRAM TUITION — Do you offer classes or daycare? Provide families with the convenience of online payments via credit card, debit card or eCheck.

NO FEES — Paymentus ensures that you can improve your church’s top line without straining the bottom line. That means no monthly fees and no minimums! Additionally, we provide a “Donor-Fee Absorb” option, which allows donors the choice to cover the credit card processing fees associated with their contribution.


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Paymentus has made the accessibility and simplicity of giving in our congregation so much better. WE COULDN’T BE MORE PLEASED WITH THE SERVICE BEING PROVIDED.

– Large U.S. Ministry

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