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More convenience, less clutter

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A digital shift that drives savings

eBilling is the quick and easy way to deliver a win-win for your customers and your organization. Faster, easier and more convenient than paper, our user-friendly options accommodate all types of customer preferences, driving adoption rates higher while keeping customers happy. And for the change-resistant, our suite of paperless services is designed to ease those who prefer paper into new bill paying methods.

And when it comes to savings, your bottom line will love eBilling almost as much as your customers. In fact, a Paymentus mortgage client reports that since 2016, over 55,000 accounts have gone paperless, resulting in approximately $343K in postage and print savings each year alone.

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Web Presentment

Customers can manage paperless settings, view current or past billing statements, access payment history and schedule current, future and recurring payments.

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Proactive Notifications

Timely bill-ready notices and payment reminders by voice, text and email keep customers informed, ensuring they won’t miss a bill or forget to pay.

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Mobile Presentment

Mobile users find it fast and easy to go paperless with our app, browser, email and text options.

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Review a balance and make a payment in under 10 seconds.

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Secure “push” eBilling makes it easy to review a bill summary and make secure payments directly from email.

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Accommodate secure document delivery and authentication.

EBilling & Presentment Benefits


Promotes the adoption of digitized eBills, which can be sent directly to customers’ email addresses and mobile devices.


Reduces cost of expensive and inefficient traditional bill print and mail.

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Enables customers to easily view bill details and access a direct path to pay digitally without needing to call in.


Gives customers the ability to visit Customer Payment Portal directly from statement to reduce late payments and speed receivables.

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Meets customer preferences for digital experiences that can be sent to their preferred communication channels.


Our unified platform delivers next-generation capabilities that are proven to accelerate revenue realization, simplify payment operations and improve the customer experience.

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Autopay Autopay

Give customers the ability to easily manage future payments. With outbound notifications and a user-friendly interface with plenty of options, we make more timely payments possible.

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Call Center & Secure Service® Call center and secure service

Patented, Level 1 PCI compliant technology protects phone-based payments. You’ll never have to worry about susceptibility to fraud or your employees interacting with sensitive banking information — we take care of it all with no additional equipment required.

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Paymentus engagement channel cash bill pay

Cash Bill Pay Paymentus cash bill pay icon

Add a new level of payment convenience for your cash-preferred and underbanked customers with cash bill pay. This unique capability is offered at thousands of locations nationwide, including Walmart and national grocery and drug store retailers, allowing you to accept cash payments where your customers shop most.

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Chatbot Chatbot

Our advanced AI and machine-learning capabilities make it possible to answer customer questions morning, noon and night. We’ll configure to your brand’s personality and your compliance requirements.

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Customer Communication Customer communication

With advanced notifications and alerts, you can reduce delinquencies by up to 50%. Deepen customer relationships — and ease fears of missing a payment — by reaching out via the channel they prefer, whether that’s voice, text or email.

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Disbursements Disbursements

Create efficiency for you and your customers. Our streamlined disbursements eliminate paper, costs and delays from check-based environments so you can simplify operations.

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Mobile Mobile

Join the digital age with solutions for mobile-first customers that work across iOS and Android devices. With multiple options to pay by text, email or IVR, you can maximize adoption of your paperless services and more easily meet customers where they are: on their phones.

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One-Time Payment One time payment

Our one-and-done solution allows customers to instantly pay bills and access key information without creating an account. We integrate with your existing portal to improve customer satisfaction and increase timely payments.

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Pay-by-Email Pay by email

Email continues to be a dominant form of digital communication … and now customers can pay bills without exiting their inbox. We offer traditional bill-ready email that links to your site, as well as “Smart PDFs” that allow customers to pay within the PDF itself.

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Pay-by-Text Pay by text

Offer payments straight from your customers’ incoming messages. They’ll appreciate the convenience. You’ll appreciate fewer delinquencies and a shortened DSO. It’s a win-win that will reduce late payments while increasing customer satisfaction.

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Phone Payments & IVR Phone payments and ivr

Reduce calls to customer service with real-time, interactive voice response (IVR). Free up your staff while IVR answers common questions with the most up-to-date information at hand.

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Point-of-Sale & Kiosks Point of sale and kiosks

Kiosks make automated, unassisted payments easy. Our highly intuitive display can serve as an extension of your brand … and familiarize customers with a digital interface so that they’re eventually comfortable shifting to web and mobile payment options.

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Self-Service Portal Self service portal

Put your customers in the driver’s seat with a mobile-optimized portal that lets them manage their account more effectively. Our convenient services won’t just make bill payers self-sufficient … they’ll also reduce their calls to customer service.

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