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One-Time Payment

Pay faster.

You understand your billing and payment process. But does your customer? Our data shows that a majority of customers simply come to your website to get a balance and make a payment. It isn’t more complicated than that.

Ensure that customers can access their information online quickly, give them the real-time account information access they want, and enable them to pay bills in seconds and with ease.

Paymentus One-Time Payment gives them all that and more – a fast, easy way to make a payment in under two minutes without having to register an account. Paymentus accepts ACH/eChecks as well as all major credit and debit cards. And the positive payment experience will entice users to opt for your more advanced paperless features and adoption rates will increase.

One-Time Payment can stand alone or integrate seamlessly with your existing portal through single sign-on capability. Our secure payment environment will link directly to your website and your Paymentus project team will collaborate closely with you to craft a strategic integration plan. You’ll get a unified experience, clear payment instructions, and reassurance for your customers that their information is protected.


  • Increase timely payments, paid-in-full

  • Introduce customers to paperless billing options
  • Integrate with your existing portal
  • Improve customer satisfaction
one time payment options for billing systems

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