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Offer your customers next-level choice and convenience by adding today's most popular digital wallets and app.

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Deliver a Suite of PayPal Payment Options

Customers can easily choose their preferred digital payment method when they make bill payments.

PayPal — The leader in digital wallets, used by more than 234 million* active U.S. accounts for its security and ease of use.

Venmo — 70 million users* have the option to pay their bills the same way they pay their friends — quickly and conveniently.

PayPal Credit — A digital, reusable credit line** that gives customers greater flexibility to finance bills however they choose.

*PayPal Internal Data - 2021
**Subject to consumer credit approval

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Unlock More Features in the PayPal App

  • Manage and pay multiple bills — Through a one-app experience, customers can access bills from multiple providers, receive notifications and alerts and help avoid late fees and penalties by managing their bills better.
  • Digitize cash — At more than 100,000 locations nationwide, cash-preferred and underbanked customers can convert cash with a cashier and have it digitized and uploaded to their account with PayPal through the app.
  • Pay using cryptocurrency — Customers have even more choice when paying their bills since PayPal introduced Checkout with Crypto. If a customer has a sufficient balance available to cover their total bill amount after selling cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, Billers will be paid in USD from the crypto sale or a backup funding source, and it will have no impact on your deposit and reconciliation process.


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Trust & Familiarity

With more than 429 million active accounts,* PayPal provides access to a network of consumers who are familiar with digital transactions.
*PayPal Q2 2022 earnings

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reliable payments

Your customers can quickly and easily manage and pay all their bills in one place, helping you get paid fast.

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simple, scalable payments

Our robust platform offers your customers more ways to review their bills and more ways to pay through the channels they prefer (even as those preferences evolve).

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Offer your customers more options with PayPal, Venmo and PayPal Credit. The Instant Payment Network powers more choice, helping you get paid faster and more easily manage your billing cycle.

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