Customers can pay bills directly from their inbox.

Email continues to be the dominant communication method used in business. Many consumers use their email inbox as a personal filing cabinet. And today, more than 50% of email is opened on a mobile device.

That’s why Paymentus offers two types of email billing processes. The first allows customers to receive a traditional bill-ready email containing a link to your website. From there, they can view and pay their bills on your site.

Alternatively, customers can elect to use the Paymentus “push” ebilling service; Pay-by-Email. Customers receive an email with an attached “Smart PDF” eBill. The PDF is password-protected and opened securely on the customer’s desktop. The user can view their bill summary and submit their payment information within the PDF itself. No envelopes to open or websites to visit. Just open the PDF and click to pay. Payments are handled with the same fortress-level security and PCI compliance that is guaranteed across our entire system.

Providing more options to your customers is smart. Paymentus’ Pay-by-Email service gives your mobile customers another valued way to go paperless, boosting your adoption rates in the process.


  • Increase visibility of bills

  • Motivate more customers to go paperless
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Provide an additional mobile-friendly billing and payment option