Enable your customers to self-serve with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Billing and account related inquiries are a daily function of all Customer Service departments, so we built a conversational bot to ease the burden of repeatedly answering common questions and the compliance-risk of accepting payments.

The chat function is integrated directly with Paymentus digital payment channels and customers communicate with the bot to resolve their needs, including answering common questions, receive account balances, make a payment, schedule a payment, and contact live help.

Chatbot leverages our patented Secure Service® technology to remove your business from PCI scope and offer full troubleshooting support while shielding your enterprise and its employees from sensitive cardholder information during the payment process.


  • Instantly support and resolve customer questions
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Utilize the latest PCI compliant payment channel
  • Save time for your staff and customers
  • Configured to your brand’s personality and compliance requirements
use chatbots for billing help

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