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Customer Communication

Be proactive. Give your customers the timely account reminders they want.

Even the most diligent customers can misplace a bill or forget to make a payment. The Paymentus eBilling and Payment Platform includes a full-feature customer notification capability, Enterprise Communication Manager (ECM). ECM helps eliminate these oversights – enabling billers to send customers important reminder notices at key points during the billing and payment cycle – by voice, text, and email.

Proactive notifications are the ultimate customer service tool. In fact, automated reminder programs have proven to reduce delinquencies by more than 50% from the very first use. Give your customers a positive experience and they’ll be more likely to try your other electronic bill paying options like AutoPay and Paperless Billing.

ECM will lighten the burden on your staff and budget by eliminating hours of manual work spent tracking down late payers, closing and reopening accounts, and dealing with frustrated customers.


  • Ease customers’ fears of missing a payment

  • Reduce late payments and avoid unnecessary account closures
  • Engage with a specific customer or thousands within a service zone
  • Provide a positive experience for your customers
  • Develop stronger customer relationships
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