Convert even the most habitual late-payers into dependable customers.

Automated payments (AutoPay) are the most reliable means for your customers to make a payment and the quickest path to bottom line improvements for your organization.

The Paymentus AutoPay module gives your customers the flexibility to manage when and how they make future payments. Our easy-to-navigate interface allows customers to schedule one-time payments, pay each month on a specific date, set variable or fixed payment amounts, and choose from credit, debit, or eCheck options.

Customers also benefit from our integrated outbound notification feature, which keeps them informed about their upcoming auto-payments with pre- and post-payment notifications. Such reminders have been proven to reduce delinquencies by as much as 50%!

Your business will benefit from reductions in past-due and forgotten payments, less manual work, and reconciled customer accounts earlier in the billing cycle. Additionally, our clients who use AutoPay consistently see higher customer uptakes in paperless billing cost savings than our non-AutoPay clients.


  • Fewer delinquencies and forgotten payments

  • More timely payments, paid-in-full
  • Less time and money processing manual payments
  • Better reconciling of customer accounts earlier in the billing cycle
  • Higher adoption of paperless billing
  • Improved customer satisfaction
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