Make it easy for patients to pay medical bills and health insurance premiums.

Dramatic increases in direct-to-consumer retail plans purchased on the exchange and increasing patient responsibility make it more important than ever for healthcare organizations to give customers convenient, easy-to-use, and secure payment options.

Paymentus’ unified eBilling and ePayment platform provides the feature-rich, customer-centered bill payment options you need and that your customers want. Our comprehensive feature set serves healthcare providers and insurers alike – ensuring that patient care is paid and premiums collected.

PCI LEVEL 1 CERTIFIED AND HIPAA COMPLIANT — Advanced billing and payment technology you and your customers can trust.

For Healthcare Providers

Out-of-pocket expenses are growing, and healthcare providers are looking for ways to boost collection rates and increase cash flow.

SIMPLIFY THE PAYMENT PROCESS — Medical bills are confusing enough. Our easy-to-use Patient Payment Portal shows amount owed, due date, payment history, and saved payment information. Patients can even pay multiple bills in a single session. The platform supports early payment discounts, allows patients to set up payment plans, and accepts partial payments so you can get paid faster. Learn More ›

PAYMENTS ANYWHERE — The Paymentus portal offers a wide variety of patient payment options – web, IVR, bedside, kiosk, agent-assisted, and mobile – making it as easy and convenient as possible for patients to pay. Learn More ›

PATIENTS AND PROVIDERS WORK FROM THE SAME INFORMATION — Our fully integrated solution enables seamless data transmission between Paymentus and your existing billing, practice management, and EMR systems.

For Healthcare Insurers

Streamline policyholders’ payment process with our easy-to-use web, mobile, and automated phone interfaces and integrated billing reminders.

COLLECT PREMIUMS FASTER — Whether it’s initial binder payments, recurring monthly premiums, or out-of-pocket expenses, your policyholders can make payments, when, where, and how they want. Learn More ›

EDOCUMENT PRESENTMENT WITH ESIGNATURE CAPABILITY — Policyholders can review and sign policy documents electronically. Deliver the ultimate in convenience and increase timeliness and efficiency in your organization.

REMINDERS GET ACTION — It’s easy to overlook a bill. The Paymentus Platform comes standard with our integrated outbound notification module. Send payment reminders by phone, text, and email, so customers respond and pay quickly. Learn More ›

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We saw online payments triple in the first 12 months of using the Patient Payment Portal.

– Top Pediatric Hospital in the U.S.

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