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  Auto Finance

Fewer late payments, loan defaults and costly repossessions.

Servicing an auto loan has never been easier – for you and your customers. If you are a servicer or captive finance organization focused on prime or non-prime lending, you can rely on Paymentus to provide your business with a next generation eBilling and payment experience that helps deliver a reliable and consistent loan performance while offering convenience to your customers.

Look no further for a complete EBPP solution
  • Everything you need under one contract (we are the industry’s only complete single-vendor provider)
  • No multi-vendor hassles and fees
  • More integrated payment options for your customers
  • Fully hosted, Level 1 PCI Compliant platform

HIGHER J.D. POWER CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SCORES — Improve satisfaction scores by putting your customer at the center of the solution. Our simple-to-navigate user experience and numerous bill-pay options make it fast and easy for your customers to pay how and when they want, including text payments, web payments, phone payments, email payments, and recurring payments. Learn More ›

STILL SENDING PAPER STATEMENTS TO YOUR CUSTOMERS? — Offer the ultimate convenience and reduce your organization’s costs with our advanced eBilling services. With our secure, interactive PDF payment feature, customers can pay their bills directly from their email inbox. Just open the PDF and click to pay. There is no need to login or visit your website. Learn More ›

MAXIMIZE MOBILE VERSATILITY — Customers expect more than a simple mobile payment option. Take advantage of a full-service mobile solution that gives your customers five ways to “pay on-the-go” including by text, mobile email, mobile browser, app, and voice. Learn More ›

REDUCE CUSTOMER SERVICE CALLS — Increase your organization’s efficiency. Our IVR handles 30% of all call traffic – including customer balance inquiries, due dates, and phone payments. Let your team focus on more complicated customer inquiries that require more time and attention.

RECEIVE PAYMENTS ONTIME – EVEN FROM YOUR MOST UNRELIABLE BORROWERS — Help your customers pay on time with Paymentus’ integrated customer notification system. Send account reminders by phone, email or text. Make it even easier for them to pay with scheduled, recurring payments to reduce delinquencies even further. Learn More ›

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We are extremely impressed to have a vendor come back to us with what we wanted and more! With Paymentus, we will easily surpass our competition.

– National Auto Finance Organization

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