An all-in-one, scalable ePayment solution for your agency.

Whether it’s payments for non-custodial child support, speeding tickets, property taxes, or water service bills – Paymentus provides an all-in-one ePayment platform that supports agency-wide government payments.

A single-vendor government payment solution does exist
  • Manage a single contract
  • Provide more payment options for customers
  • Receive a consistent payment experience across all payment channels and bill types
  • Eliminate multi-vendor hassles

EASY RECONCILIATION — Grant your team an easy, central view to reconcile electronic payments across all channels and departments with single sign-on access to our comprehensive Staff Portal. Learn More ›

YOUR CITIZENS ARE ON THE GO — Give citizens mobile payment options that accommodate their busy lives. Pay-by-Text, Pay-by-Email, mobile apps, and a responsive mobile website address the payment needs of your mobile-first citizens. Learn More ›

FULLY HOSTED, LEVEL 1 PCI COMPLIANT SOLUTION — Ensure your agency’s security and alleviate pressure on your IT department. Paymentus handles 100% of the software, devices, processes, and compliance associated with the payment network. Dedicate resources towards supporting your core business and reduce your PCI footprint too. Learn More ›

GIVE YOUR CITIZENS CONTROL OF THEIR PAYMENT EXPERIENCE — With Paymentus’ Self-Service Portal, citizens can set up auto-payments, save payment information, link multiple accounts, review past payment history, and more. Learn More ›

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Paymentus went above and beyond our utility collection needs. We’ve added everything from parks and recreation fees to dog permits. We collect payments faster, and our customer experience couldn’t be better.

– Large North American City

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