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Tame Your Billing and Payment Monsters

What’s keeping you up at night?

Whether you're worried about inefficiencies in your system, losing sleep over a poor customer experience or haunted by the thought of a security breach, Paymentus can help. We understand the challenges you face and the uncertainty that comes with adapting to a rapidly changing digital landscape. Take the quiz to discover which monsters are stalking you during the day and lurking around at night — it should only take 5-10 minutes to complete.

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Meet the Monsters

Brock the Blockhead, a Paymentus Billing and Payment Monster

Clunky payment experiences that create roadblocks on a customer’s payment journey

Argus the Ungainly, a Paymentus Billing and Payment Monster

Ungainly reporting and reconciliation caused by siloed solutions with piecemeal fixes that don’t work cohesively or create payment visibility

Mort the Sluggard, a Paymentus Billing and Payment Monster

Sluggish systems and outdated payment platforms that muck up customer transactions

Stinger the Sneak, a Paymentus Billing and Payment Monster

Looming security risks that can leave billers stung and vulnerable

Ingrid the Frostbound, a Paymentus Billing and Payment Monster

Heavy and cumbersome systems that feel impossible to change and move into a modern solution

Crunkus the Misfit, a Paymentus Billing and Payment Monster

Unattractive user experiences and interfaces that create problems with adoption and customer satisfaction

Paymentus fraggle the frazzled

Patchwork of systems cobbled together that creates siloed, disparate solutions

Paymentus kludge the chaotic

Paper-based processes that cause clutter, delay, and cost

Paymentus ferva the mysterious

Gaps in communication that prevent transparency for both customers and staff

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What monsters are lurking behind your billing and payment platform? In this exclusive profile from FinTech Magazine. Paymentus monster-taming experts share the characteristics of nine monsters plaguing today’s billers with strategies to tame and contain them.

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