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Secure Service®

Patented technology for phone-based payments that protects both your enterprise and its customers from common security compromises associated with agent-assisted transactions.

In today’s increasingly strict security environment, PCI compliance oversights can often go unnoticed until it is too late. Phone-based payments via live agents are no exception.

Secure Service® is a Level 1 PCI compliant technology that removes the significant risks and non-compliance issues associated with live phone, while maintaining the support and troubleshooting benefits of an employee interacting with a bill-payer in real-time. Payment card details are entered by the user, concealed from the agent, and transmitted through your system securely.

At the push of the keypad, the user can re-engage the agent for help or to resolve additional queries; ensuring maximum satisfaction and a successful, PCI compliant payment.


  • Completely removes your business from PCI scope
  • Prevents employees from seeing or hearing banking information
  • Isolates all phone systems and networks from capture, transmission and storage of card data
  • Fully-hosted within the Paymentus platform: no additional equipment/software required
  • Compatible with nearly all phone systems and call center configurations
  • Satisfies the preferences of customers that favor IVR payments, without making you susceptible to fraud
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