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Paperless eBilling

Embrace customer preferences and watch adoption rates soar.

The benefits of paperless billing are many – reduced printing and mailing costs, fewer calls to customer service, reduced missed payments, and happier customers. For a large and growing group of customers, eBilling has become the billing method of choice because it offers superior convenience and less clutter.

With such benefits, it’s no surprise that businesses are seeking new ways to increase customer participation in paperless billing services. Unfortunately, there are many customers who still prefer to receive a paper bill.

We recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach to paperless billing won’t improve your participation rates. Our suite of paperless services is designed to ease change-resistant customers into new bill paying methods. Multiple, user-friendly paperless options allow your business to accommodate all types of customer preferences – driving paperless adoption rates higher while keeping your customers happy.

  • Web Presentment – Customers can use our Self-Service Portal to manage paperless settings; view current or past billing statements; access payment history; and schedule current, future, and recurring payments.
  • Proactive Notifications – Timely bill-ready notices and payment reminders by voice, text, and email keep customers informed, ensuring they won’t miss a bill or forget to pay.
  • Mobile Presentment – Savvy mobile users will find it fast and easy to go paperless with one of our four mobile paperless options including app, browser, email, and text. Learn More ›
  • Pay-by-Text – Our fastest way to go paperless; customers can review their balance and make a payment in under 10 seconds.
  • Pay-by-Email – Email is still king and our secure “push” eBilling service makes it easy to review your bill summary and make secure payments directly from your email inbox – without ever opening an envelope or going online.
  • eSignature – Accommodate secure document delivery and authentication with our eDocument presentment and eSignature technology.


  • Increased paperless adoption rates

  • Higher cost savings than traditional bill print and mail
  • Reduced customer service calls
  • Fewer late payments and faster receivables
  • Greater overall customer satisfaction
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