Payments That Win Tenants

Properties are designed to meet a wide range of tenant needs and preferences – why should your payment offerings be any different? The Paymentus property management solution gives you the power to meet any payment expectation. With expanded channels and methods you won’t find anywhere else, it’s an easy way to win over applicants and make them feel right at home.

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We Understand Your Unique Challenges

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Meet These Challenges With the Billing & Payment Solution That Offers More Ways to Pay Than Any Other Provider

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Why Payments Are the Secret To Success

Monthly rent payments not only keep your organization up and running, they are your most frequent tenant touchpoint. While a limited, outdated menu of payment options can have renters looking for the exit sign, a modern platform full of convenience and choice leads to greater satisfaction, more on-time payments and loyalty.

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Give Your Tenants More Self-Service Ways to Pay and Get Paid

The omnichannel Paymentus solution meets any and all payment preferences. Along with ACH, you can offer popular digital wallets (PayPal, Venmo, PayPal Credit, Apple Pay and Google Pay) and even walk-in cash bill pay at participating retailers. What’s more, convenience-driving AutoPay and modern channels such as pay-by-text, chatbot and interactive voice response (IVR) meet tenants where they want, when they want. You can even expedite deposit refunds through digital disbursements so residents can receive their funds faster, through their preferred channels.

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Enjoy Greater Visibility of Your Entire Billing & Payment Performance

Access a single, real-time view of all payment methods and channel data with robust analytics for more transparency, forecasting potential and faster revenue recognition. Plus, increased visibility allows your team to send timely notifications through email and text to alert tenants that a payment is due.

Make An Easy Move to the Best-In-Class Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Solution

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Single Integration

Property Managers, gain a holistic, modern billing and payment technology stack through a single provider. With Paymentus, you can unlock a world of features and benefits without the need for additional vendors and gateways.

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Fully Compatible

Streamline your business operations and reduce vendors and fees with a billing and payment solution that integrates with your existing property management system.

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Paymentus was awarded the best-in-class distinction among leading Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment (EBPP) providers by leading financial services firm Datos Insights (formally Aite Novarica).

PM Webinar Module May 30

Join us to learn:

  • How property managers can implement digital-first billing and payment strategies while optimizing traditional methods and channels

  • Strategies to create an inclusive billing and payment offering

  • Benefits gained by tenants, staff and your organization from modernizing your payments

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