Take the quiz to identify your biggest monsters — and learn how to tame them

Question 1 of 11

What is the most common problem your customers experience when they use self-service options (web, phone, etc.) to pay their bill?

Question 2 of 11

What is your current abandonment rate for customers trying to make a payment electronically and not completing the transaction?

Question 3 of 11

If you were to add another self-serve payment channel for your customers to use, what would it be?

Question 4 of 11

How many of your customers request digital wallets as payment options? (examples: PayPal, Venmo, Amazon Pay, PayPal)

Question 5 of 11

How many of your customers currently pay with digital wallet payment methods? (examples: PayPal, Venmo, Amazon Pay, PayPal)

Question 6 of 11

As a biller, this is the biggest billing and payment issue that keeps me up at night:

Question 7 of 11

My job would be so much easier if:

Question 8 of 11

When was the last time you changed your online billing and payment system?

Question 9 of 11

What would be your biggest challenge to migrate to a new billing and payment system?

Question 10 of 11

How important is it that you modernize and provide a better billing and payment solution for your customers?

Question 11 of 11

Describe your biggest monster when it comes to your billing and payment solution you have today? What would its name be?

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