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Big Business Bill Pay for Small Business Success

Give your business customers business bill pay and disbursements that combine flexibility and control. It’s everything they need to manage their invoices, mitigate fraud and optimize business processes — without the need to hire a full accounting department.

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Centralized Bill Payment and Invoicing

Create a central hub for paying all bills and invoices with Business Bill Pay. This innovative business banking platform offers a comprehensive, holistic view of all bills, invoices and financial obligations, helping small businesses see the big picture when it comes to their finances.

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Simplified, Seamless Payments

Business Bill Pay delivers an intuitive, modern payment experience to satisfy the business needs of your customers. Not only can they pay any bill with one-time or recurring payments, they can easily pay and reference invoice payments, as well as pay multiple vendors at once.

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Total Payment Control

Go beyond payments to put your customers in complete control of business processes. Multi-user entitlements make it easy to grant or restrict who can see or send payments, and audit trail capabilities give customers a fast, simple way to track business and user activity.

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Enter Modernization Mode

Legacy bank payment platforms mean one thing: legacy limitations. Break through the status quo with next-generation centralized bill payments, real-time payment capabilities and limitless P2P. See how Paymentus can accelerate your modernization journey.

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Transform bill pay with a centralized hub for total bill management.


Revolutionize repayment with expanded options and real-time capabilities.


Allow your customers to pay anyone, from anywhere, using any device.

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