The Simplest Way to Send Money — Anytime to Anyone

Give your customers P2P payments without network limitations, courtesy of the Paymentus P2P platform, powered by the Instant Payment Network®. With Paymentus P2P, your customers can send money anytime, to anyone, through their preferred digital channel.

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Total Money Movement Freedom

Free your customers to send money to anyone, regardless of their financial institution. Whether sending money to a friend, kids at school or simply paying the babysitter or landscaper, Paymentus P2P enables fast money movement services even to those who bank outside of your financial institution.

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A Simpler, Safer Way to Send Funds

With Paymentus P2P, sending money is as easy as typing an email address or phone number — literally. Your customer simply inputs the recipient’s email or phone number to initiate a transfer. The recipient is then notified and given instructions on how to accept the funds. Once complete, the money is electronically transferred and everyone walks away happy.

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Easy Integration with Full Branding

Our P2P solution not only integrates with your platform, it also integrates with your branding, as well. Our platform can be seamlessly added to yours through APIs, with co-branding opportunities putting your logo and messaging front and center with both the sender and the recipient.

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Enter Modernization Mode

Legacy bank payment platforms mean one thing: legacy limitations. Break through the status quo with next-generation centralized bill payments, real-time payment capabilities and limitless P2P. See how Paymentus can accelerate your modernization journey.

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Transform bill pay with a centralized hub for total bill management.


Revolutionize repayment with expanded options and real-time capabilities.


Enable external transfers through preferred devices and channels.

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