Digital Disbursements

1 in 3 U.S. consumers are willing to pay to have faster access to disbursements.* While they may be willing to pay, you can offer it to them for free without adding any costs to your bottom line. Digital disbursements add real business value by eliminating paper, reducing costs and allowing you to send payments 95% faster versus mailed payments – and can be enabled in a solution you already own!

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Disbursement Support for All Payout Scenarios

“Push” payments outside of your enterprise and benefit from real-time settlement in the payee’s account – with an up to 80 percent reduction in check volumes. Whether delivering a claim, refund or other business-to-consumer payment, we help you improve activity tracking and reconciliation, reduce reliance on checks, and reduce fraud and escheatment.

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Customer Service
Customer Service

Enhance CSRs ability to serve by reducing call volumes while offering greater communication options and visibility into refund statuses.

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Finance & Revenue
Finance & Revenue

Reduce costs and manual processes of mailing checks (est. $3-7 per check) while optimizing reconciliation associated with claims & refunds.

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IT & Technical
IT & Technical

Streamline reporting and simplify the holistic integration of faster digital payout methods that include PayPal and eCards.

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Reducing Payouts to Less Than An Hour

A leading insurer modernized its digital disbursement capabilities with Paymentus, resulting in a reduction of payout times to less than an hour. See how they did it and what it can mean for your organization.

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Top Five Digital Disbursement Business Benefits

Consumer dissatisfaction with waiting for paper checks for claims, deposit returns and refunds is at an all-time high. Learn the top five areas where digital disbursements can deliver faster, simpler business-to-consumer payments resulting in increased customer satisfaction, reduced manual efforts and lower costs.

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