Your customers expect more options, more channels, and more features than ever before. Your internal teams need solutions that bring them efficiencies and propel adoption forward and produce satisfied experiences. Take our quiz to see how your current systems stacks up against the Paymentus Instant Payment Network®. Allow around 5 minutes to answer a few questions and your score and assessment will be revealed below.

1.Do you have a view of all your reporting and real-time revenue reconciliation activities with a single interface?

Business Value

Data is powerful. With a single dashboard view of all your billing & payments, you can view data, gain insights, and make informed decisions more easily.

2.Can your customers view and pay their bill without having to keep track of their log-in credentials?

Business Value

Remembering a username and password can be a real roadblock on the path to payment. We make guest payment options available, secure and easy for your customers.

3.Do you provide time-saving checkout tools to customers, including options like one-click with PayPal and one-touch with Amazon, plus the ability to save prior payment information for frictionless checkout?

Business Value

Asking your customers to provide credentials each time they pay a bill is cumbersome and time consuming, leading them to abandon online payments.

4.Can your customers choose how they receive notifications, including automated reminders, e.g. by text, email, or phone?

Business Value

When your customers can choose the notification channel they're most likely to check, they're less likely to miss a reminder.

5.Are your customers able to link additional accounts for a shopping cart checkout when they have more than one bill to pay or are responsible for more than one bill even if it is a different type of bill?

Business Value

Just like shopping online, your customers can pay multiple bills with one single charge, in one single place for efficiency and ease for the end user.

6.Can your staff immediately view customer payments in your billing system?

Business Value

Our system shows your customers payments immediately. You'll never have to guess what charges are pending with a true, real time view of your receivables.

7.Customers trust that their online payments are secure. Are you able to confidently say your system is safeguarded and fully PCI, NACHA, and PII data compliant?

Business Value

Cyber security is increasingly important in a digital world. Protect your customers' sensitive information with maximum security that reduces your PCI scope and alleviates internal and external stresses around compliance.

8.Can your customers easily enroll in paperless billing or ebilling and choose delivery preferences?

Business Value

Save time by allowing your customers to go paperless directly through you. Save money on printing and postage. Save trees with eco-friendly electronic options.

9.Are your customers able to make donations as part of the payment process?

Business Value

Make it easier for customers to share the wealth and help others directly via the bill pay portal. We make it possible to add a donation while they are paying on their personal items.

10.Do you offer pay-by-text payment options?

Business Value

Give your customers the flexibility to pay from anywhere they have cell service.

11.Are your customer service representatives able to accept payments securely over the phone without transferring them to an IVR?

Business Value

Over the phone payments bear the risk of non-compliance. Our hosted technology solutions keep customer data protected.

12.Are your cash-preferred or underbanked customers able to easily upload their cash to digital channels at local retail locations like Walmart or 7-11?

Business Value

No matter how far your customers live from your central office, you can still offer them the ability to pay bills in person.

13.Do you offload customer service traffic with chatbot and virtual assistant capabilities for customers who need or prefer to reduce human-to-human interaction?

Business Value

Free up time for your CSRs to handle more complex customer issues and allow customers to self-serve.

14.Can your customers view their historical and current billing information (including consumptions, past payments, etc.) online for the past year or more?

Business Value

Give your customers the ability to view all their previous billing information in one, easy to navigate portal with full self-service to archived or past data.

15.Do you offer the much needed digital wallet payment methods, including PayPal, Venmo, PayPal Credit, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay?

Business Value

Give customers the option to pay with all of their favorite digital wallets and the many benefits and incentives they bring the end user.

16.Do your customers have the ability to set up a future-dated one-time payment, auto payments and preferred payment frequency for "set it and forget it" ease?

Business Value

Our flexible autopay options allow busy customers to set it and forget it.

17.Is it easy for you to refund or cancel payments, and then send or disburse them to your customer digitally?

Business Value

If your customer made a payment error, it's easy to cancel and refund with Paymentus.

18.Is it easy for you to add on new payment channels and payments to keep up with your customers evolving preferences (cryptocurrency, evolving digital wallets, cash preferred options)?

Business Value

As we grow, so do your customers payment options and channels. The ever evolving needs of consumers requires constant innovation and expansion that you and your consumers deserve.

19.Are you seeing positive increases in adoption rates for customers who have switched to new payment methods and paperless options?

Business Value

Marketing materials can be invaluable. The more customers know about your available services, the more likely they are to use them. Plus, when customers adopt more digital payment methods, you enjoy significant business cost savings.

20.Can you eliminate the need for multiple/disparate vendors in order to provide a variety of customer benefits from digital wallets like PayPal to IVR?

Business Value

Some billing and payment providers can provide various customer benefits, but the experiences are cobbled together through multiple vendors which can be hard to manage and prohibit a consistent customer experience.

21.Can you support multiple payment types – e.g. utility payments or taxes – on a single payment experience?

Business Value

Different payment types shouldn't require complex customizations. Your billing and payment solution should be able to easily adapt and integrate with agency-wide billing systems.

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