Kiosks Deliver an Unrivaled Payment Experience Built on Convenience and Access

Technology Insight

Paying important bills during set business hours can be a major challenge for many bill payers. Whether due to busy work schedules, struggles to find childcare, long commutes to payment centers or long lines when you finally get there, many obstacles prevent customers from paying bills conveniently and on-time.

This can result in dangerous shut-offs of essential services, significant penalties on late payments, and inconsistent revenue collection for local governments and utilities. That’s why innovations like easily-accessible self-service bill pay kiosks are essential for serving customers and increasing on-time payments.

Kiosks are a one-size fits all solution to in-person bill payments

Self-service payment kiosks address many of the challenges local governments, utilities and their customers face. Leading the effort is the ability to offer up to 24/7 access for customers to pay bills on their own time. Add to that the flexibility to pay by cash, check, or card, and your valuable customers now have the freedom to pay important bills in a way that is most convenient for them. And for customers on a tighter budget, the best kiosks have the ability to accept partial payments.

Cash-paying customers often face unintentional hurdles on the path to on-time bill payments: cash payers are limited by payment center hours and are often penalized with substantial convenience fees. And for underbanked or unbanked customers, this is an inequitable burden to carry when paying with cash is their only option.

To reach even more consumers, kiosks offer multilingual capabilities in English and Spanish, and operate with an incredibly intuitive user-interface, removing language barriers and enabling non-English speaking customers to complete important payments with the swipe of a finger.

The buck should not stop with security

No new offering is complete without giving serious consideration to the latest in security to ensure customers have as secure an experience as possible. Kiosk vendors do a number of things to keep their customers well protected. For starters, vendors should offer a high level of PCI compliance and remove this burden from their customers. Continuously monitoring key infrastructure is also an essential part of providing an extra-protected experience.

And providing excellent client support throughout the life of the product and service not only builds and maintains trust with clients, but shows a vendor stands by their product and believes in its value to customers.

The landscape of innovative fintech is constantly changing

The enormous potential for governments and utilities to upgrade and optimize how they interact with their residents and customers is very palpable. And the waves of new technology being designed, released and implemented make it an exciting time for everyone involved.

Convenience coupled with versatile functionality and top-notch security is the way forward. Customers deserve nothing less than the best. And local governments and utilities are in a position to extend all of that and more to all of their valued residents and customers.

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