Case study: How a Modern, Customer-Centric Payments Platform Helped Propel One Company’s Decision Not to Reopen Offices

Utilities Case Study

Paymentus was proud to support Austell Natural Gas’s rapid digital transformation as they opted to remain a fully-remote organization after peak-pandemic office closures. The company was able to make the transition while actually expanding customer payment options and increasing satisfaction.

Read the case study to learn how:

  • Real-time data available through the Paymentus Agent Dashboard actually helped Customer Service Reps improve customer support and revenue reconciliation while working from home
  • Paymentus provided free marketing support to drive customer adoption of new, more efficient digital payment methods, with targeted messaging for mobile pay specifically resulting in a 2x increase in mobile payments
  • Our Enterprise Communications Manager (ECM) helped Austell Gas deploy timely messages to fuel customer action, with “Past Due” notifications specifically driving an 85% response rate in customers who made a payment after receiving a reminder
  • Austell Gas experienced a 45% decrease in payments received through agent-assisted channels as more customers adopted more automated and self-serve utility payment options, like AutoPay