Experts, industry veterans, newcomers, payment pros and payment rookies. In their own words, see why so many choose to join “US” to build their careers.

Paymentus career stories christina

“I started when the company was quite small but our culture has stayed the same as we’ve grown. It’s a very family-oriented company, so there’s a lot of balance. We get two paid family leave days and many companies don’t offer that. That’s made a big difference for me. We all feel that our families come first, so that the company recognizes that speaks volumes.”

– Christina, Bilingual Customer Care Supervisor, Toronto, Canada

Paymentus career stories gerardo

“Paymentus sells itself from an organizational perspective. The best asset of the company is the people we work with on a daily basis. The technology is ever-evolving, it’s very innovative. I really enjoy this environment. You’re not just a number here.

– Gerardo, Regional Sales Director, Bakersfield, CA

Paymentus career stories gerri

“People reach out to me and ask me about openings with Paymentus because they’ve heard such great things from me and my peers. I typically tell them that what’s great about Paymentus is the people and that no two days are the same. The company really allows you to look for ways to build relationships and continue to make improvements together.”

– Gerri, Account Director, National Accounts, Atlanta, GA

Paymentus career stories marie

“The people that you work with at Paymentus, both peers and leadership, are so supportive. Especially if you’re not always sure of what to do to help solve a problem. Whether it’s getting support from technical people and development, everybody really comes together when you’re trying to figure something out or you’re presented with a situation with a project that you’re implementing. People really step in to help and share their own knowledge with you, so you can develop your own skill level as you grow within the company.”

– Marie, Senior Partner Solutions Manager, Vero Beach, FL

Paymentus career stories mary lynn

“I am very lucky. I really enjoy the team I work with, both the immediate people that I work with on a day-to-day basis, my technical account managers and my account operations managers. We work very close together. Beyond that, just to have the support of people I’ve worked with in the past and know that I can go to anybody and ask a question and they’re very responsive...”

– Mary Lynn, Director, National Accounts, Columbus, OH

Paymentus career stories nancy

“The Paymentus culture is very loyal and trusting, hardworking and very innovative. Payments are about what’s new. We’re innovators and thinkers. We’re always going after the next trend and we’re always bringing it to fruition. It’s not just a dream someone is having. We’re able to implement them and move forward and see success with it.”

– Nancy, Director, National Accounts, Bonner Springs, KS

Paymentus career stories willie 23

I believe that Paymentus gives me the flexibility to grow into my own shoes and be accountable for myself. The work-life balance is great. They encourage you to go on vacation and take some R&R so you can come back and be fully focused, be fully invested in and know what you need to do to execute. I value a company that values that for their employees. To have that is the recipe for immense growth.”

– Willie, Regional Sales Manager, Atlanta, GA

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