“As the Covid-19 pandemic slowly comes under control, the utility industry is seeing a return to normal business operations, but also confronting new challenges. Long viewed as being slow to move and risk averse, the utility industry proved its mettle and agility in responding to the pandemic, ensuring public and worker safety, keeping the lights on, and working with customers to assist with their individual financial challenges.

Now as we begin to move towards a post-pandemic life and adjust to the “new normal” (whatever this ultimately looks like), the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic are well known and documented globally, even as the causes and extent of the damage done are continually investigated.

Now as society emerges from the pandemic, it is time for an “after action review;” in so many words: what happened, what have we learned from this, and how do we move forward in a way that we are applying those valuable lessons learned? Nowhere is this posture more important than in the utility industry.”

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