To bring levity and fun to some of the most challenging problems billers face in today’s rapidly changing payment landscape, we’ve given each of the six common pitfalls a specific player profile, a set of traits that burden Billers and frustrate customers, and tips on how to tackle them.

In Part 1 we covered poor user experiences (Brock the Blockhead), looming security risks (Stinger the Sneak), and difficult back office processes (Argus the Ungainly). In Part 2, we’re rounding out the rest of the team with Ingrid the Frostbound, Mort the Sluggard, and Crunkus the Misfit.



A truly solid player on the Monster team is Ingrid the Frostbound. Ingrid is known as a traditional, heavy, and cumbersome billing system that leaves billers feeling frozen in their legacy solution and overwhelmed to go through the process of moving to a modern payment solution.

How can Billers push past Ingrid? Select an omni-channel, single-vendor billing and payment provider with proven integration to your billing system. By working with one provider, billers are able to remove multiple layers of integration and hassles involved with needing multiple solutions to meet the needs of all their billing departments and customer demographics. Instantly improve and unify your customer experience by offering more ways to pay through the modern payment channels (pay-by-text, mobile and digital wallet payments) that your customers are accustomed to using in their everyday lives.



Don’t underestimate Mort the Sluggard. Mort slows down all facets of your business by relying on outdated data exchanges and creating lengthy payment experiences that cause customers to abandon transactions.

How can Billers speed by Mort? Choose a real-time integration and provide a quick path to payment. With real-time processing, payments are approved and declined at the point of transaction to reduce chargebacks and returned checks while customers and staff are able to rely on the same up-to-date transaction information. Plus, you can accelerate revenue collection by making your payment process quick and simple to complete. Remove unnecessary clicks, lengthy instructions, and non-essential data entry to allow customers to complete payments quickly and easily to receive faster, on-time transactions in full.



Last, but certainly not least, Crunkus the Misfit is the final player on Team Monsters. Crunkus manifests unattractive user experiences and interfaces that create serious problems with customer satisfaction and adoption. These poor experiences usually prevent customers from wanting to come back to use self-serve options in the future.

How can Billers defeat Crunkus? Offer payment channels to meet the needs of all your customer demographics with user interfaces that appear modern and easy to navigate. Off-putting, outdated, and inefficient payment options often lead customers to using traditional, old-school payment methods like checks and snail mail that delay payments, slow revenue collection, and increase costs. Self-service payment channels (IVR, text, digital wallets, auto-pay, and many more) with satisfying and efficient user-experiences allow customers to complete payments quickly and easily. Creating a good experience will keep customers coming back to these solutions again and again, driving usage and adoption sky high.


These six monsters represent the top billing and payment challenges that Billers are facing in today’s rapidly changing payment landscape. You might be asking yourself:

Do I have one of these monsters? Is there another monster we may be battling? What should I do about it? 

  • Take the quiz to see which monster you’re up against 
  • Join us for a virtual event 
  • Contact a monster-taming expert 

With a great team and a winning billing and payment strategy from Paymentus, it is well within your playbook to tackle your biggest billing and payment monsters in 2021. We’re here to help you attack these problems head-on with service, solutions, and software that make payment processing and communication secure and easy. Our comprehensive billing and payment solution, partnerships with industry leaders, and innovative approaches to reaching customers faster can help you move to modern solutions with higher adoption and improved customer satisfaction.

It’s time for billers to say goodbye to the problems that haunt them and hello to a good night sleep.