As Paymentus continues to expand the Instant Payment Network™ with the industry’s fastest growing and most complete billing & payment platform, we’ve been recognized by two fintech media groups for bringing consumers real-time innovative payment solutions. 

Fintech Coffee awarded Paymentus as one of “The Most Innovative Fintech Companies in North Carolina” and Daily Finance listed Paymentus as one of the “2021 Top Fintech Companies in North Carolina.”

Fintech Coffee’s list is composed of companies they consider to have “taken different approaches to reshaping the financial industry” and described Paymentus as a payment network that allows consumers to pay billing companies in real-time using the funding method they prefer. You can read the article here.

Daily Finance’s article showcases its top picks for companies innovating the fintech industry and applauded Paymentus for real-time capabilities and cloud-resident, tier 1 PCI-compliant solutions. Click here to read the article. 

The Paymentus platform offers interaction and payment options for every preference. Whether consumers want to make payments from their computer, a mobile device, in-person or elsewhere, we have built payment solutions that match the needs of the modern bill payer. We are happy to see that our efforts in innovation are not only recognized by our clients and partners, but by the fintech community as well. 

To learn more about Paymentus and our commitment to innovation, please watch the following video here.