Customer adoption is essential to your electronic bill payment channels. While there are many things you can do to increase customer adoption, this blog focuses on the three easiest to tackle for most billers.

Strategic Placement of the “Pay Button” on Your Website

The number one reason customers visit your website is to check their balances and make payments. Make it easy for them to navigate from your Home Page to the Payment Page by placing a noticeable Bill Payment link in a prominent location on the page.

An intuitive online payment solution removes the need for lengthy payment instructions. Skip unnecessary intermediary pages that require extra clicks to get to the payment page. If you have to have an intermediary page, focus on information that advises customers on payment posting times, pertinent news or alerts, and cross promotions of your other self-service payment channels like IVR (automated phone payments) and mobile payments.

A positive payment experience establishes an online relationship with customers that will continue to grow over time. Combining a noticeable bill pay link on the home page, one click to the payment page, and a good payment experience will lead to greater adoption rates. Customers will be more likely to continue to use that payment method as well as take advantage of your other e-services. 

Promote Your eServices on the Paper Bill

If there is one communication that your customers will pay attention to it’s their bill, particularly the amount owed. It’s critical to advertise your e-payment options directly on the paper bill. At a minimum, include the web address and the pay-by-phone number. Position this information as close as possible to the Amount Due section. If you have the ability to use another color or font to make the ePayment options more noticeable, consider doing so.

Incorporate messaging such as “Save a stamp,” “Pay faster,” and “Don’t wait in line,” to entice customers to choose your electronic bill payment methods over traditional mail or walk-in payments. While customers appreciate green initiatives, convenience and ease of use resonate with them more than “green” messaging when opting for eServices.

Train Your Customer Service Staff

One of the most underutilized promotional channels is sitting right in your office: Your customer service staff.  They are an important part of electronic bill payments promotion. Every customer touch point is an opportunity to discuss your online services.

Train your staff to educate walk-in and phone customers. For those calling in, direct them to the website’s payment section. Better yet, transfer them to your automated phone system to make a payment. Doing so removes a PCI Compliance risk that billers face when customer service representatives manually enter a customer’s credit card information when accepting payments over the phone.

Similar to messaging on the paper bill, it’s important that your customer service representatives underscore the ease of use, 24/7 convenience and expediency of e-payments to the customer. It should go without saying that your messaging should not center on how your business benefits from e-payments. Keep the focus where it belongs: the customer.

Use your voicemail message and on-hold notification to promote electronic billing and payments. Additionally, you may even consider promotion in your email signatures with a simple message and link to your online bill-pay site.

Perfect these three promotion avenues and you will see increased adoption rates and improved customer satisfaction scores.