Paymentus recently partnered with a west-coast water utility to provide electronic bill presentment and payment solutions to its customer base. The utility was committed to providing exceptional customer service, and with increasing frequency, customers were requesting the flexible digital payment options that they were growing accustomed to with other billers. Our system provided the solution.

The Paymentus platform was successfully implemented and the utility saw eager adoption of the system. Customer portal and autopay numbers exceeded expectations, and as hoped, they experienced a significant reduction in the number of inbound calls that reached their Customer Service Representatives.

Post-Launch Observations

After further examination of the benefits generated by the Paymentus platform, the utility found a strong correlation between digital channel users and high satisfaction scores. As a result, the utility was challenged by its Board of Directors to further boost digital payment and autopay adoption by re-engaging customers via a marketing campaign.

The utility approached Paymentus for assistance in devising and executing a campaign to raise awareness and increase EBPP system adoption.

Campaign Objectives:
  • Increase the registered user-base of the Paymentus system
  • Increase adoption of the AutoPay feature
The Baseline:

Prior to the campaign, the client reported that 27% of the Utility’s eligible customers had signed-up for an account to pay their water bill through Paymentus. Furthermore, 54% of those users enabled the “AutoPay” feature, which added an additional layer of convenience and improved the number of reliable, on-time payments. Customers clearly embraced the platform, but after the pool of early adopters enrolled, more needed to be done to reach remaining bill payers.

The Campaign:

Paymentus retains a team of industry specialists that readily assist clients in the design and execution of enrollment campaigns. Over the years, we have deployed numerous promotions across a variety of industries to create awareness and earn new users.

After analyzing the client’s situation and discussing best practices, we devised a multi-channel incentive-based marketing program that targeted their customers via both digital and traditional marketing mediums. Among other points of contact, the campaign included bill inserts, Customer Service Representative promotion to inbound callers, and posts to social media platforms over a four-month period.

The intention was to reach all eligible utility customers, educate them of the benefits of the system, and further promote enrollment by offering a chance to win one of several prizes.

To enter, customers were asked to sign-up for the online payment system and enroll in the AutoPay feature; fulfilling both goals of the campaign. Winners would be picked at random at the end of the sweepstakes.

The Results:

The incentive program was a success. The number of customers enrolled in both the online system and AutoPay improved significantly. Here’s a breakdown:

  • 35% of all customers were now signed up for the system; a 31% increase
  • AutoPay enrollment increased 21%
  • Calls that reached Customer Service Representatives decreased by 10%

The marketing efforts effectively educated the user-audience of system benefits and the prize incentives created the urgency to act. The client was highly satisfied with the improvements and their Customer Service Representatives were relieved to be even less burdened. They now had more flexibility to provide exceptional customer service to the customers who needed it!

Now aware of best practices and confident to manage a large scale campaign, the client has set additional adoption goals for the coming year.