It’s the rare person who doesn’t own a cell phone today. In fact, more than 90% own one and one-third are mobile only. That’s a large segment of the population and further proof that mobile bill-pay options shouldn’t be an option. They should be a given. More than ever, businesses need to think like their customers and provide bill pay options that meet their preferred communication styles.

What does mobile actually encompass though? What does it really mean to “be mobile”? It’s really subjective. Some use it solely for texting or emailing, while others take advantage of the vast number of apps available to perform virtually any task. Still more prefer using their mobile browsers to get information, review and pay bills, etc. Many now use mobile exclusively for their day-to-day activities. As a significant portion of the market share, it’s imperative that organizations offer mobile services to their customers.

Embrace All Mobile, then Offer the Best Options for Your Users

Once you accept that mobile is here to stay, then you can integrate its various functions into your offerings. The payoff for your mobile option investment? A full mobile experience that will engage more users, boost adoption rates and reduce overhead.

Take texting for example. With four out of five people communicating this way, it makes sense to implement a feature that allows you to text their monthly balances directly to their phones. Doing so makes it easy for them to quickly review how much they owe and then simply text “PAY” back to your organization.

In less than 20 seconds, they’ll have paid their bills. All without interrupting their routine, missing their kid’s soccer game or forgetting about paying their bill. What’s more, it’s not only convenient for them but your organization as well. It reduces the time and manpower required for more traditional billing and payment processing, and increases more timely payments to you.

Though AutoPay (where the bill is automatically paid each month using the preferred payment method on file) may seem more convenient, the fact is that many customers prefer the text payment option. With it, they’re able to validate their balance prior to paying it. When combined with the option to discontinue paper billings, text payments become a valuable and efficient way for customers to “go paperless” and save your organization money.

Consider those customers that love email and operate exclusively through their “mobile inboxes”. An effective email billing program would likely be their preferred paperless billing and payment method. In this scenario, they would receive a secure, password-protected and interactive PDF in their email each month. All they have to do is review their full bill and make a payment directly from their email inbox – all without ever opening an envelope or logging into a website. It’s fast, secure, and convenient for customers and an effective way for you to reach more of them.

Go a step further and offer customers a downloadable mobile bill-pay app for iOS (Apple) or android (Google) devices. If done right, they’ll enable users to access an array of automated services to make electronic payments, setup Autopay, review bill and payment histories, and move to paperless.

Make sure these app features work in tandem with “responsive” mobile-optimized websites that are accessible and operable from any browser regardless of the mobile device your customer is using. No more pinching and zooming unwieldy web pages built for PCs. Your customers want and appreciate the simplicity of mobile web pages that work on small and big screens alike.

Consumers like options and that includes mobile bill payments too. In a world full of many choices, options are no longer optional for most consumers. They’re expected.

Billers should provide a full host of mobile options. These comprehensive mobile bill-pay services should mirror customers’ everyday communication methods. Doing so not only makes current mobile users happy but likely increases adoption rates by attracting new mobile users too.

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