I’ve never understood why a restaurant could consistently have bad food. Don’t the owners ever get hungry and taste from their own menu? Do they just choose to ignore the obvious truth? Or do they struggle with how to improve it?

This analogy could apply to bill-pay web sites as well.

I often wonder if businesses ever go online and use their own web and mobile sites to make a payment, register for AutoPay, or enroll in paperless billing. It seems if they did, many would be disappointed in what they’d find. Too often decision makers at billing organizations either don’t know they have (or are too willing to accept) a mediocre, or even poor, online solution for their customers.

Offering a great customer experience is important for every organization. A recent study by the Latitude Group indicates that 61% of people have a more favorable opinion of a company when they offer a good online experience. Similarly, J.D. Power studies show that those organizations that have easy online billing top customer satisfaction rankings.

Don’t be that restaurateur, avoiding his own food yet wondering why his tables and pockets are empty. Instead, you should experience your own online site in the same way your customers do. Then make the changes necessary to offer your customers an easy-to-use solution. You may be surprised at how quickly your eBill and ePay adoption will soar.