One of the more impactful contributions utilities can make to ”go green“ in honor of Earth Day is make the move to electronic billing and payments. If you’ve already made that move, then continue promoting the benefits and encourage your customers to go paperless.

If just 20 percent of U.S. households adopted electronic billing and payments:

  • Nearly 150 million pounds of paper would be saved
  • Approximately 543 million pounds of wood would be preserved
  • Wastewater would be reduced by 1.6 billion gallons
  • 15 million gallons of fuel would not be unnecessarily consumed

The numbers (from PayItGreen) speak for themselves. Consumers are increasingly looking for organizations and practices that are environmentally-conscious. According to an annual Fiserv Billing Household Survey, more than half of consumers cite environmental impact (preserving trees and saving paper, followed by reducing landfill items, ink and chemicals, and paper processing and delivery pollution) as a factor in opting to receive or pay bills online.

While the environmental angle may not be enough to convince all of your customers to go paperless (check out our “Moving Beyond Green Messaging” post), it’s still important to foster your green initiatives. Promote e-bill and e-payment options on your website, on the paper bill, and even on the outer envelope.

The Fiserv survey noted that 37 percent of customers who receive e-billing said it enhanced their relationship with those companies. Providing an easy, intuitive electronic billing and payment system for your customers is a win for you, your customers and the environment.